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The New Age Annie Oakley……And Her Horse!! {Chillicothe, Ohio Area Photographer}

 Sara is the Pickaway-Ross CTC and Adena High School ambassador for Travis Ranch Photography!!! I met up with her and her mom and we quickly got to having fun. Stopped on the side of the road to get a couple “hunting” shots in……Sara looked like a new age Annie Oakley!!! Then we headed over to their new property that had many great places to get into for some shots!! Sara brough her horse along to play for a bit and then we ended it by playing in and around the old house that they are tearing down….perfect place for us!!! I hope you enjoy!!! : ) Remember, if you are a senior and go to Pickaway-Ross or Adena and would like to find out more information about us and the experience, go talk with Sara!!!!







                                                               Cowgirls and thier horses…..a love only some will ever understand!!!


                                                                                                        Love theses ones!!

This is the house that they are tearing down, once they started the process they quickly realized that it was more than just a regular house, there were very very old logs underneath from what use to be an old log cabin!! So neat!!

Love love love, this one!!!! So beautiful!!!

These doors are off of the house that they are tearing down and made a great place for pictures!!

                                                                                                       Picture perfect!!!



                                                                                                              Another great one!!!


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