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Amelia Turns One!! {Circleville, Ohio Area Children’s Photographer}

I had the great pleasure of being able to photograph this beautiful little girl, Amelia, and her brother, Will, at Slate Run Historical Farm in Marcy, Ohio!! It was so fun watching Amelia’s curiosity grow with every new thing she encountered on the farm!! And her bother the social bug he is at four years old, fit right in with all of the school children there on a field trip! We had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he didn’t get on the bus with them!! : ) I hope y’all enjoy the pictures as much as I had capturing them!!


Love her blue eyes!!

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

Brother Will

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

So cute!! Sibling love!!

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

Playing in the rain barrel!

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

Love this one!!

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer

Ohio & Kentucky Children's Photographer


Baby Layne Has Arrived!! {Westerville, Ohio Area Family Photographer}

Baby Layne has arrived!! Name: Layne Metz Segovia. Born: August 26, 2011 at 6:11 am. Weight: 7lbs. 8oz. Length: 19″ A healthy boy!!

After the Segovia family mass and lunch, we went out to Heritage Park in Westerville, Ohio to take a few family pictures with the newest member of the Segovia family. Layne was a perfect baby to take pictures of……..just as long as Lynn was holding him!! lol Just as soon as Lynn put him down to try to get a few individual shots of him, he would start crying! We tried a few different tactics, but nothing seemed to work, but that was ok!! We still got some good shots!! : ) I hope you enjoy!!



 Love this Mother, Son moment!!

A Senior Photo Shoot Turns Into A Modeling Session!! {Cynthiana, Kentucky Area Senior Photographer}

 I grew up and went to school with Jill’s older sister, Jenna and played various sports with her along the years. Along with all of those sports comes their mom, Lana, who was always very involved with us in sports. Recently, Lana and I through the power of Facebook, were reconnected!! During a camping trip to Kincaid Lake State Park with Lana and Tommy we also had an all day senior photo shoot with Jill!! We started out at the park where we got a lot of great photos!! We took some pictures with some of the furry family members  Kashmir-the German Sheppard mix, Delilah-the Great Dane, and Ajah-the Great Dane. Then headed into town, Falmouth, Kentucky where we invaded The Assembly Cafe!! While there, we got some great shots!!! Thanks so much Assembly Cafe-Check them out on Facebook!!! After that we took over the town and it quickly when from a senior photo shoot to a modeling session!! It was soooo much fun for all of us!!! Thank you so much Lana for being my assistant for the day!!! Enjoy!!


Jill with her rescued puppy, Kashmir!! She is such a sweet and laid back puppy!!


Love this one!! Beautiful eyes!!

We brought our own private club of 3!! No payment needed!!

On the put-put course we found this perfect photo prop!!! Because I don’t know how you are suppose to get your golf ball past this little loopty loop thing!!!!

Very pretty!!



















Jill and Delilah!!

Jill and Ajah!!

The Assembly Cafe where we took some great pictures!! Thanks for letting us invade your afternoon for a while!! : )


Love this one!!! One of my favs.!!!

I kept telling Jill and Lana that I WAS going to get a few shots in the middle of the not-so-quite road, as you can see there is a car coming right for us!!!……They just kept laughing at me!! But I got the shot!!! : ) Worth it!! Love the old town look!!!

The New Age Annie Oakley……And Her Horse!! {Chillicothe, Ohio Area Photographer}

 Sara is the Pickaway-Ross CTC and Adena High School ambassador for Travis Ranch Photography!!! I met up with her and her mom and we quickly got to having fun. Stopped on the side of the road to get a couple “hunting” shots in……Sara looked like a new age Annie Oakley!!! Then we headed over to their new property that had many great places to get into for some shots!! Sara brough her horse along to play for a bit and then we ended it by playing in and around the old house that they are tearing down….perfect place for us!!! I hope you enjoy!!! : ) Remember, if you are a senior and go to Pickaway-Ross or Adena and would like to find out more information about us and the experience, go talk with Sara!!!!







                                                               Cowgirls and thier horses…..a love only some will ever understand!!!


                                                                                                        Love theses ones!!

This is the house that they are tearing down, once they started the process they quickly realized that it was more than just a regular house, there were very very old logs underneath from what use to be an old log cabin!! So neat!!

Love love love, this one!!!! So beautiful!!!

These doors are off of the house that they are tearing down and made a great place for pictures!!

                                                                                                       Picture perfect!!!



                                                                                                              Another great one!!!

A Trip to Kentucky Without a Horse??!! Not This Time!! {Cynthiana, Kentucky Area Senior Photographer}

I met Madeline when I was invited to her house to do the team theme photo shoot for the Harrison County Volleyball senior girls. Her mom called me up later that week wanting me to come back down and take Madeline’s senior photos and I said……..huh, most definitely!!! A trip to Kentucky….I’m all for it!!! I was super excited to have some one-on-one time with Madeline and get to know her a little better and to bring out her personality through her senior pictures!! And what is a trip to Kentucky without a horse? Yep, her horse ‘Finger Paint’ (love the name) joined in on the fun…..oh, and their cute cat kept trying to get into the pictures at every chance!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!! Congratulations and good luck on your bright future a head of you, Madeline!!!


Very pretty!!



Love This One!!


Bump, Set……….Shoot!! {Cynthiana, Kentucky Area Senior Photographer}

I had the fun of shooting a team theme session for the Harrison County Volleyball Seniors in Cynthiana, Kentucky and it was so much fun!! This was asked of me from a good friend of ours and I was so excited for this new experience!! We rounded up the girls, started shooting and had fun along the way! And we got done just in time… make a mad dash for the house just as a big storm rolled in!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures!!

Love, love this one!!!


One of my favorites!!

The mad dash to get out of the storm!! It sounded like a heard of horses!! lol


Finger Painting Isn’t Just for Paper…… {Lewis Center, Ohio Area Maternity Photographer}

I was so excited when Lynn (my Aunt) asked me to take maternity pictures of her and of my Uncle and two 1/2 cousins!!! This was my first maternity session so I was eager to learn and have fun!! Landon and Lincoln gave the photo shoot an added fun factor, as you will see, finger painting isn’t just for paper!! : ) I can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family!! Welcome to the world Layne!!

Brotherly love…..for now!









Time to have fun!!

Love this baby scale!! Can’t wait to take pictures of Baby Layne in it!!

Another favorite!!

Click Here: {A Short and Sweet Wedding} Lancaster Area Wedding Photographer.

The bride, Ashley, and I have been friends since the 2nd grade and I was so excited to be apart of her big day, both being a bridesmaid and helping to photograph! Adam took the lead role in shooting during and after the ceremony. It was a short, sweet and to the point kinda wedding, just what they wanted and then it was time to have fun!! Thank you Alex and Ashley for letting up be apart of your big day!! Love you guys!! : ) Here are the highlights!! Enjoy!!


Getting ready!

















The beautiful Bride.

The Groom waitin’ on his Bride.

Their adorable little girl!!

The Cowgirls!! Yee Haw!!

















Love this one.

Loved their cake!! So cute!!

Click Here: A Vinton County Country Wedding.

A beautiful 4th of July weekend wedding down in the beautiful Vinton County country side. And the weather cleared up just in time for the big day!! When we first arrived, you could tell right off the bat that both Arlen and Heather’s families were such a close-knit family and every one of them welcomed the both of us in such a wonderful way!! The wedding took place in the a couple of houses down in one of “the locals” field. It was the perfect place, we were surrounded by God’s country, and you could feel His presence!! Thank you Arlen and Heather for asking us to shoot your big day and thank you to your families for the warm welcome!! Congratulations to your whole family!! Here are some of the many highlights from their day. Enjoy!! : )


A mother’s love is unlike any other!! Love this moment!!

Last minute touches.

The Bride.

The Kiss!!

Such a pretty bouquet!!

The “get away”.

The Groom.

All of the girls.

The guys.

Ryann blowing bubbles!!

Carrying the potato sack!!

Click Here: A Promise Kept.

The Wilson Wedding- The bride, Bethany, and I have known each other for years now. We both were in 4-H together and we both loved going to 4-H camp and being camp counselors!!! About 6 years ago at camp we promised each other that we would go to each others wedding, we both kept our promise. She came to my wedding in 2009 and little did I know that when that promise was made that I would have such a big role in her wedding on June 18th, 2011!! I was so excited when Zack and Bethany asked me to photograph their wedding!!! One because I was honored and two because it would be my first time shooting a wedding!! The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and the day special!!! Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Wilson for allowing us to shoot your wedding and be apart of your big day!!! Here are some highlights from the day!! Enjoy!! : )

The groom getting ready.

The beautiful bride!!

The kiss to seal the deal!!

Love this!!


Yummy sweets!!

Only sweetness at this wedding!!

The Rings.

The beautiful bride and I!!

Happily Ever After……

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