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A Senior Photo Shoot Turns Into A Modeling Session!! {Cynthiana, Kentucky Area Senior Photographer}

 I grew up and went to school with Jill’s older sister, Jenna and played various sports with her along the years. Along with all of those sports comes their mom, Lana, who was always very involved with us in sports. Recently, Lana and I through the power of Facebook, were reconnected!! During a camping trip to Kincaid Lake State Park with Lana and Tommy we also had an all day senior photo shoot with Jill!! We started out at the park where we got a lot of great photos!! We took some pictures with some of the furry family members  Kashmir-the German Sheppard mix, Delilah-the Great Dane, and Ajah-the Great Dane. Then headed into town, Falmouth, Kentucky where we invaded The Assembly Cafe!! While there, we got some great shots!!! Thanks so much Assembly Cafe-Check them out on Facebook!!! After that we took over the town and it quickly when from a senior photo shoot to a modeling session!! It was soooo much fun for all of us!!! Thank you so much Lana for being my assistant for the day!!! Enjoy!!


Jill with her rescued puppy, Kashmir!! She is such a sweet and laid back puppy!!


Love this one!! Beautiful eyes!!

We brought our own private club of 3!! No payment needed!!

On the put-put course we found this perfect photo prop!!! Because I don’t know how you are suppose to get your golf ball past this little loopty loop thing!!!!

Very pretty!!



















Jill and Delilah!!

Jill and Ajah!!

The Assembly Cafe where we took some great pictures!! Thanks for letting us invade your afternoon for a while!! : )


Love this one!!! One of my favs.!!!

I kept telling Jill and Lana that I WAS going to get a few shots in the middle of the not-so-quite road, as you can see there is a car coming right for us!!!……They just kept laughing at me!! But I got the shot!!! : ) Worth it!! Love the old town look!!!