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Click Here: A Vinton County Country Wedding.

A beautiful 4th of July weekend wedding down in the beautiful Vinton County country side. And the weather cleared up just in time for the big day!! When we first arrived, you could tell right off the bat that both Arlen and Heather’s families were such a close-knit family and every one of them welcomed the both of us in such a wonderful way!! The wedding took place in the a couple of houses down in one of “the locals” field. It was the perfect place, we were surrounded by God’s country, and you could feel His presence!! Thank you Arlen and Heather for asking us to shoot your big day and thank you to your families for the warm welcome!! Congratulations to your whole family!! Here are some of the many highlights from their day. Enjoy!! : )


A mother’s love is unlike any other!! Love this moment!!

Last minute touches.

The Bride.

The Kiss!!

Such a pretty bouquet!!

The “get away”.

The Groom.

All of the girls.

The guys.

Ryann blowing bubbles!!

Carrying the potato sack!!


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