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Click Here: Down Home Photo Shoot.

I met with Arlen and Heather at their lovely home in Ray, Ohio for their engagement session on a beautiful spring day in April……gasp….I know we actually found a day in April that the sun was shinning and there was no rain!!!! But it was a little tricky nailing this photo shoot down, we ran into a few change of dates due to illness, changing schedules, and of course RAIN!!!! But it was worth it for this day!! And to top it off, Heather’s mom was visiting from out-of-state and was able to be there for the photo shoot!! So glad that she was able to share this once in a life time moment with them!! Arlen and Heather are a great couple and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in July!!! Here are some highlights from the shoot!!

Their ride!!

Such a cute couple!!

I love how peaceful it is at their home!!

Beautiful ring!!

A big thank you to my momma who helped me with this photo shoot!! : )


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