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Click Here: Three Beatuiful Sisters and Their Cowgirl Boots!

I met Alex in drivers ed. back in 2005 (I am not sure if she remembered me from there or not, but…) and recently we become friends again on Facebook where she saw some of my work and asked me if I would take pictures of her and her 2 sisters for a Christmas gift for their mom. The place was Slate Run Historical Farm. I love that place!! It just takes you back to a simpler time!! And it was perfect for the early December photo shoot with these wonderful ladies! We all had on our jeans, button up dress shirts, & of course, our cowgirl boots!!! 🙂 I had a lot of fun with this shoot, even though it was sooo cold!! We were hoping for a few snow flakes to give us the final touch, but mother nature decided that she would have rather waited to give us snow until right after we were all done & numb everywhere! Oh well, we still got some really great shots!! Thanks gals for the fun!!

They make it look so warm in the barn!!

Such beautiful ladies!




The warm up!! Ahh…..that feels a little bit better!!



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